Liquidity aggregator protocol
A standard for connecting to centralized and decentralized exchanges, enabling an ecosystem of dApps to solve liquidity issues and price parity.
The Orion Protocol enables cross chain trading, omni-exchange accessibility, and liquidity.
our ecosystem
Price Feed
Portfolio manager
order matching engine
Buy sell
Crypto indexes
private key
Execute order
Multi-currency wallet
Shared liquidity pool
Standard API
Orion Protocol creates standard API for trading cryptocurrencies on any exchange, unifying centralised and decentralised ones.
Order Smart routing
Order matching engine splits orders and submit parts to the different exchanges, always guaranteeing the best buy and sell order price. Combined orderbook.
Shared liquidity pool
Stakeholders from liquidity providers join together to execute orders from their accounts on behalf of user requests, earning commission fees from each trade.
DApps Marketplace
A wide variety of applications can be created for the Orion Protocol, including for investment, trading bots and payment gateways.
ORN Token
Trading fee
By paying with ORN token users will be able to save up to 20% on standard trading fees.
Service subscription fee
Every service and all DApps offered within the Orion Protocol will be charged using ORN.
Unlock premium features
Access to arbitrage opportunities, advanced orders parameters (Limit orders, Stop market and Stop-Limit orders), controlling Stop Loss and Take Profit values, price alerts and many other features.
Payment system for dApps
Receive payments for using your dApp on the Orion. Participate in platform development, voting to list new cryptocurrencies and exchanges.
Staking to shared liquidity pool
To participate in shared liquidity pool and being able to execute orders on behalf of protocol users, participants must have the minimum amount of ORN tokens on their accounts, the more amount they have the more orders they can handle, receiving trading fee.
On-chain settlement
All final settlements are performed on the Waves blockchain and guaranteed by a purpose-designed Smart Contract Escrow Account.
Company RoadMap
AUG 2018
Public ICO of ORN Token
JUN-JUL 2018
Private presale of ORN Token
MARCH 2018
Initial production-ready version of ORN
Q4 2018
Public release of open Exchange API
- standard API to connect to every exchange
- dev tool for implementing exchange connectors
DEC 2018
Release of a client library for interacting with Orion
- receive price feeds in real time
- access order splitting and smart routing module
- submit order to the best exchange
- get notified about order status changes
Q1 2019
Open-source of core modules
- crypto index funds launch
- portfolio management
- stop loss and limit orders
- market making strategies
Q2 2019
Shared liquidity pool
- brokers join pool by staking ORN tokens
- using brokers' funds to execute orders
- on-chain settlement via escrow smart contract
DApps marketplace
Q3 2019
Multi-currency wallet release
- support of the main currency (BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, etc)
- trading from the wallet
Mobile apps release (iOS and Android)
ICO startsTo Be Announced Soon
ICO endsTo Be Announced Soon
Token name ORN (Waves, ERC-20)
Tokens on public sale: 65%
Price 0.0016 ETH
Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, WAVES
Blockchain Ethereum, Waves
Alexey Koloskov
Chief Executive Officer

Alexey is a blockchain developer and the chief architect and creator of the Waves decentralised exchange (Waves’ DEX). He has extensive experience in the development and management of complex banking software and in managing large scale IT projects. Over the past several years he has established a reputation as an active and expert participant within the blockchain development community. His work in blockchain development and exchange implementation provides ORION with unparalleled expertise and insight.

“During development of the Waves DEX I became 100% assured of the need for decentralised systems. Still, there is a need for an intermediate solution that fills existing gaps and problems of liquidity, complexity and low speed, bringing together dozens of centralised and decentralised exchanges under one roof. ORION will constantly integrate new DEXs as they become more popular, according to its strategic plan of replacing centralised services”.
Igor Pletenev
Chief Technology Officer

Igor is an accomplished entrepreneur and IT industry professional with active experience in several blockchain projects. He is also highly competent in web development and project management. These endeavors have provided him with a diverse skillset from which to draw when making decisions and planning for the future. He is responsible implementing the project roadmap, platform architecture, and executing the overall strategy of ORION’s mission.

“ORION significantly lowers the barrier to starting investing in cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects by removing the difficulties of finding the most promising instruments, creating wallets, transferring funds and controlling your earnings”.
Eduard Zaydel
Lead Frontend Engineer

Eduard is a former Waves Wallet developer with considerable proficiency in user interface design. His work in the field will allow ORION to provide customers with a clean, functional and user-friendly interaction with investment tools. His experience in mobile interface design brings unmatched knowledge to the ORION team.

“A simple-to-use UI is a key factor in the success of any IT product that seeks mass adoption. Buying and selling has to be no more complex than pressing a single button””.
Dima Lebed
Lead Backend Engineer

A professional software engineer, system architect and blockchain evangelist, Dima has designed and developed complex and high-load projects with a focus on trading and enterprise integration. His knowledge of data management and system deployment will allow the effective and timely development of the ORION protocol. As a software engineer Dima has extensive experience in backend development with a specialization in blockchain technologies for the past several years. He has designed and developed complex payment and trading solutions, including integration of bank gateways with merchant aggregators.

“The architecture of our unique trading engine is specially tailored towards quickly and easily connecting new exchanges, in order to prepare for rapid growth”.
Maksym Lavrinenko
Chief Marketing Officer

Maksym is a highly qualified entrepreneur and crowdsale specialist. His focus is on data-driven marketing, behavioral analytics and effective online marketing. Maksym is also the CMO of Peiko, an IT outsourcing company specializing in blockchain and fintech projects, as well as mobile applications and online services. His marketing and data analytics background will facilitate bringing ORION to the public in a clear and concise manner, ensuring investor and client confidence.

“When pitching the idea of the product to users I only use several word: ORION is all-in-one platform that you ever need for blockchain investment and trading””.
Vadim Lashkov
Project Manager

Vadim is an expert in the development of investment products. He is responsible for design, deployment and organization of all technology-related processes, providing key expertise and supervision to the ORION team. He is also responsible for building and managing the distributed project team. Vadim has worked as project manager for several blockchain projects including cryptocurrency wallets, payment gateways and a fundraising platfom.

“ORION combines easy-to-use trading functionality with extensive portfolio management. Implementing such a solution is not possible without a core team of professionals united by a common goal”.
Allen Artamonov
IT Project development

Allen has vast experience in project management, digital advertising, and assurance and consulting in various fields, primarily in the financial and banking industries. He brings with him experience in risk assessment and mitigation, workflow management and team leadership. Allen is responsible for the coordination of developers, designers, quality assurance managers and other ORION personnel. As IT Project Manager with Peiko, Allen specializes in the development of blockchain technology projects.

“I’m focusing on bringing the top-quality standards that are well-known for banking solutions to blockchain projects, to provide customers with smooth transitions between the two”.
Advisors and partners
Blockchain technology incubator
Waves Lab is a focused startup incubator for talented visionaries creating disruptive solutions to real-world problems using the Waves Platform infrastructure.
Kal Ali
Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Interchain Capital, Blockchain Partnership Advisor and Consultant. Having extensive experience in finance, Kal chose the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency route over a Wall Street career and has never looked back. Coupling his background in finance with his entrepreneurial past, he has helped launch a successful cryptocurrency venture capital fund, and has undertaken multiple consulting and advisory positions. Kal has worked with several projects as an unofficial and official advisor, striving to bring maximum value to the projects and investors he works with.
David Atkinson
Director Holo & Holochain focussed on delivery of services and growth of the organisation. David was involved in the team building towards and throughout the ICO. He is known for his understanding of crypto-economies, strategy, ecosystem, currency, legal, financial and regulatory, landscapes. David previously was the COO of Mind Gym and has advised 30+ businesses from early 2017 onwards. David’s speciality is building an underlying infrastructure, partnerships and customer strategy for the company.
Sreenivas Herugu
Sreenivas is FinTech professional with 20 years of experience consulting at major Wall Street banks. Extensive background in Software development and managed various projects. He is a Blockchain enthusiast, ICO advisor, researcher and an investor.
Purushotham Maralappa
Purushotham is focused in Blockchain industry and offering advice, consultation services, connections to Blockchain experts and cyrptocurrency investors, organizing blockchain events and roadshows in Tokyo for oversea startups.
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