DeFi is the Future. We’re Already Here.

Industry-first DeFi solutions built on our advanced Liquidity Aggregator.
Traiding terminal
orion terminal

The Only Trading Terminal You Need.

100+ exchanges.

1,000+ coins.

10,000+ trading pairs.

Zero risk.

Orion Terminal seamlessly aggregates bottomless liquidity from all major exchanges, centralized + decentralized: providing rich trading tools in one easy to use platform.

The Crypto Market Has Too Many Exchanges + Not Enough Liquidity.Until Now.

Always Own Your Personal Assets
Custody has always been an issue in crypto, until now. Trade with the liquidity of the entire crypto market while still having custody of your assets.
Access Liquidity
in One Place
Orion encompasses the liquidity of all centralized and decentralized exchanges in one seamlessly aggregated order book, allowing you to buy or sell your assets at the best price, every time.
Orion searches for the best prices on the market, and allows for easy arbitrage execution without funding accounts on multiple exchanges.
Trading Tools
Embedded within the terminal are intuitive tools that provide you with all of the news, market analysis, and trading signals in real- time to conduct successful trades.
broker pool

Why Aren’t You Earning Risk-Free Passive Income?

Orion’s unique Broker Pool is the core element of the platform. It underpins Orion’s core functions such as achieving governance, fulfilling trades, and accessing liquidity across the markets. Individuals that stake assets in the pool will enjoy high-yield, non-inflationary, passive income on their digital assets. It’s that simple.
our products

We Are DeFi.

We’re not just another crypto exchange. We’re an all in one DeFi platform that supplies much needed solutions for businesses and consumers alike.
Liquidity Boost Plugin
Exchanges that lack volume may tap into Orion’s aggregated order books to add immediate liquidity to their exchange.
Blockchain DEX Kit
Allows blockchain projects to quickly build robust dexes with endless, instant liquidity using Orion’s aggregator.
Enterprise Trade
Projects utilize this feature to fulfill large token orders placed by enterprise clients directly from the open market at the best price.
Jack Lu
"The vision at Orion is very similar to ours in connecting the world’s digital assets through a seamless experience."
David Atkinson
"We are very excited to have Orion be part of the early wave of hApps. Orion is an extremely promising hApp and we’re thrilled to see what they bring to the ecosystem."
Beniamin Mincu
"Orion has the right tools and approach for achieving this goal, and needs fast infrastructure & interoperability to come to life."
Ronghui Gu
"CertiK is proud to work with innovators and thought leaders like Orion to build a safer blockchain ecosystem, together."
our partners

That Matter.

Our partners are not just for optics. We’ve hand chosen the very best companies to partner with to further our mission of creating a complete DeFi solution.